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About CSI

The seed for the Computer Society of India (CSI) was first shown in the year 1965 with a handful of IT enthusiasts who were a computer user group and felt the need to organize tteir activities.
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What we do

Having 488 student branches and rooted firmly at 73 different locations, CSI has plans of opening more chapters & activity centers in smaller towns of the country. The idea is to spread the knowledge, and provide opportunities to as many interested as possible
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CSI Awards

We Recognize Innovations And Indigenous Developments In The Field Of Information Technology In India. CSI Awards Are Instituted To Acknowledge And Motivate Individuals And Organizations Working In The ICT Field.
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from President's Desk
Shri.Gautam Mahapatra
Dear Esteemed Members,
I Gautama Mahapatra, President of CSI, hereby inform all of you that you are aware that some persons without any right are transacting with CSI bank Accounts and are swindling the funds, usurping properties. They do not have any right to deal with bank accounts, affairs of CSI. These acts are done without any approval. I as President of CSI and my legally elected (2017-18) Execom alone have rights, these are done without our knowledge and intimation. Earlier several obstructions are caused from discharging my duties freely and fully .The courts have held categorically that I alone have right along with my legally elected EXecom . The gross abuse, deviations, violations, bye-passing By-Laws, court orders would not only be viewed seriously, the Criminal cases shall also be filed and will be prosecuted the loss to CSI and individuals enrichment will be prosecuted in Criminal Courts besides Civil cases. It is necessary to state that despite dismissal of CRP by Telangana High Court, Restraint Order by Competent Courts of Hyderabad and Mumbai the illegal acts are done by showing scant respect to court orders. The Violations will be seriously prosecuted and I am in control of affairs and I am the only competent person along with my legally elected EXecom. I inform to take it in right spirit and mend ways. I appreciate all the persons that lend support in bringing glory to CSI. IT is reiterated that no bank accounts, transaction be done despite the notice if are proceeded are doing at their risk and peril.
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Being closely associated with Students the Society has developed a well-established net-work of “Student Branches” all across the country. CSI has 488 student branches with more than 90,000 Student Volunteers across the nation. The activities conducted for the Students associated with the Society include lecture meetings, seminars, conferences, training programmes, programming contests and practical visits to installations. CSI has a strong Educational Directorate based at Chennai which undertakes activities related to Certification of professionals related to the latest technologies. Its recent initiative of distance education in the Business Domain areas offers technology enabled learning supported by personal counseling & expert advice. In an ever changing environment, CSI offers professional counseling being a great need of the hour. And this is done by being in close contact with it’s young members through various events, conferences, symposia to name a few. CSI regularly organises SEARCC Programming Contest, Alan Turning Quiz, Discover Thinking Project Contest, On-line Programming Contest etc. for the students.
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